Move it with Equity

Whatever it is, wherever it has to go, Equity will get it there.

We can take care of ALL your Logistical Freight & Transport Services needs

  • Road, Rail, Air or Sea Transport
  • Local, Country & Interstate Transport
  • Same Day, Express or General Services
  • Warehousing and Distribution
  • Oversized and Heavy haulage
  • Courier service
  • Containers
We offer professional and comprehensive expertise in all areas of logistics including;
  • servicing
  • pricing
  • invoicing
  • communications
  • training
  • warehouse placing design and layout
  • intergrated information technology systems

Constantly keeping abreast of innovations and changes within the logistics industry.

Wherever possible, we recommend and implement such innovations, whether from within our industry or elsewhere to help inevitably keep in check your operating and transport costs and improve your business productivity.

We provide a full range of Australian services which enables delivery of anything to anwhere at any services required.

Air Freight Services | Equity Logistics Australia

Air Freight

We offer air freight at Equity Logistics as part of our supply chain solutions.

Sea Freight | Equity Logistics Australia

Sea Freight

Sea freight is offered by a wide variety of shipping lines from ports all throughout Australia and beyond.

Interstate Freight | Equity Logistics Australia

Interstate Freight

Choose between a few different types of interstate freight transport services in Australia: truck, air or rail.

Warehouse & Distribution Services | Equity Logistics Australia

Warehouse Distribution

We work with our network of warehousing partners to stock and store your items for distribution, and then arrange the packing, fulfillment, and delivery of your goods.

Same Day Local Courier Service | equity Logistics

Courier Service

A courier service is an alternative to a traditional overnight or next day parcel delivery service such as UPS, DHL, or FedEx.

Oversized & Heavy Haulage | Equity Logistics Melbourne Australia

Oversized & Heavy Haulage

We’ve got years of experience in oversized freight services, and can help you move your goods anywhere in Australia.

Personalised Service

We are small enough to care for your individual needs, and yet experienced enough to provide total satisfaction.

Unlike other logistics supplies – you are not a number. We will work with you to provide the most comprehensive and appropriate service for your needs

Warehousing & Storage

Outsourcing your warehousing frees up capital and resources and allows you to get back to the real issue of running your business. Let us take care of all your warehousing operations for long term and short term storage and warehousing